We talked to Jay Horton from Wild Heart Yoga about how he developed his love of acroyoga and how he began teaching.

AF: How did you discover and get into acro?

JH: I first found acro when I was teaching yoga in the park at IHeartYoga. It’s normally a class of 100 people and acroyogi’s started to gather after the classes so I started to play around. The acro group built quickly and even reached 200 people on day. It was amazing to see so many people flying all over the park next to the ocean.

AF: What made you want to teach?

JH: I loved the connection part of acro to me that’s what yoga is all about – building connections with those around you. ¬†Plus it was so much fun! I could do it for hours and it wouldn’t hit me how strong it was until the next morning. I instantly wanted to learn more so a friend of mine and I started practising every day and started leading beginner workshops at all out studios.

AF: How is acroyoga different from regular yoga?

JH: I think acro gives more freedom than regular yoga. I love both but I do notice more smiles in acro.

Jay Horton Wild Heart Yoga

AF: In your experience, what’s the best way for beginners to improve their acro quickly?

JH: You need to find a consistent partner. In my classes I do try to get everyone to work with everyone to show that we’re all strong enough no matter what size but real improvement will come from a consistent friend to work with at least every week.

AF: What are you working on personally in your acro practise?

JH: Personally we are finding our balance again. My partner and I just had our first daughter Savannah who is amazing! I do acro with her and she’s only 4 months old. Birth really changed my partners body so it’s like we’re re-learning our balance and strength. I guess I’m focusing on the foundations again which is always a solid place to be. I would love to find someone to practice hand-to-hand with. I met an acroyogi named John who had traveled 30 countries doing acro. He put me into my first full hand-to-hand and I’ll never forget the feeling.

Jay Horton acroyoga Cairns