Acroyoga is a diverse form of movement drawing people from a huge range of backgrounds. The Mighty Caesar is one of the few acroyoga teachers in Melbourne who offer regular beginners classes. This big and bubbly character is a regular at Melbourne jams, and as you may guess from his name, circus and performance are also in his repertoire.

AF: What’s your background?

TMC: My background is in human movement, training, and performance. I started as a strength and conditioning coach, and then my interests led me to circus.

AF: What inspires you?

TMC: To see human potential expressed and explored with two bodies working in unison. It’s making magic happen, and that has kept me on the path of acro and working with bodies in space. It constantly surprises me – there is always more to learn. I love how the body can be explored and manipulated. The body is amazing!

The Mighty Caesar acroyoga melbourne

AF: What’s the first thing people learn in your classes?

TMC: The first thing people learn in my classes is ‘bird’, and how to get into it. I use it as the basic ‘show and tell’ of what I feel is important about acro – it’s all about listening and communicating between partners.

I teach a lot of listening and non verbal communication in my classes because that’s the base of all partner acrobatics – if the basis of listening is not there then it makes everything you try to accomplish so much harder.

AF: You’ve started doing beginners Saturday classes in the park, and you run a regular Thursday night class. What’s the difference?

TMC: Saturday is a donation based class outside in the park. It’s more social, fun and a way to get out and play and meet new people. Thursday night is a drill class about developing skills and improving.

There is another class in the works which will begin in a few weeks. which is more intermediate working on washing machines and flows. and really starting to feel the transitions that acroyoga has to offer.

AF: You’re not just an instructor, but a performer too – and you have a show coming up?

TMC: The comedy festival show is something that has come about from being involved in the Melbourne acrojam community. I met another acroyoga instructor Jonno Katz – and now we’re on this adventure! We’ve used all our skills and combined them into this comedy show that has acroyoga, ukulele, lots of funny dance, some stories, and an underlying theme of whales.

See Caesar perform as part of Sir Coco in the Melbourne Comedy Festival from 30 March – Click here to bookFollow him on Facebook or keep an eye on our calendar to keep up to date with classes.