Acroyoga is renowned for being a popular instagram activity, sure to strike envy in the heart of your peers when they see the perfect, athletic (and at times romantic) heights that can be achieved for the camera. The perfect pictures are a far cry from the drills and hours of jamming and training that can go into getting that perfect moment. So when I saw a comedy instagram account had started that celebrated awkward poses and comedic expressions in acroyoga, I had to know more! Check out the instagram clip below and scroll down for the interview with one of the creators of awkroyoga, Travis Sigley, about what it’s all about.

Introducing the pillars of AwkroYoga™. . Pillar #43: If it looks pretty, you’re doing it wrong.

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AYFL: Who is behind this awkward art?

Travis: The two creators are Zara Hannaford and myself. Zara and I have both been doing Acroyoga for years separately and just met this year in Bali.

AYFL: How did awkroyoga come about?

Travis: The first time Awkroyoga was experienced and not yet coined was at a huge outdoor concert, when I jumped on Zara’s feet and basically just danced on top of her as she supported all of my insane, fluid, and big movements like the incredible base that she is. We both got to test the limits of our strength and also our creativity as we did our super sweaty, goofy acro dance. We broke many of the rules of acroyoga by throwing caution to the wind and just trusting we could support each other in our ridiculous and silly movements.

AYFL: What are the benefits of this ridiculous art?

Travis: Awkroyoga, at the end of the day, is a way to practice acro with a lot more freedom and fun that we can sometimes forget about as we become more serious acrobatics practitioners. We’re both years into our practice, and we put way too much pressure on ourselves to do things well, or the right way, or with the perfect form and lines. Zara and I do awkro in order to just be silly, have fun, and connect with each other. This is what drew me into acro in the first place, and I love having the excuse to do it with just as much joy even in the “failure.”

AYFL: Would AY Montreal approve?

Travis: Both Zara and I are certified AY Montreal teachers, and creative process is a big part of our background as students and teachers. Awkroyoga is a way to try new types of movements without worrying about how good it looks.

Sounds good to me. It might not always be pretty, but it sure looks fun!

Find out more about awkroyoga at their instagram account or Facebook page.