Based in Nashville, Dustin & Ashley are the @theacromutants. Their bio is below for those interested. They’re acrobatic rather than acroyoga professionals and have a long movement background. Alas they have no youtube but there’s plenty of exciting stuff on their instagram to keep you going!

Bio: The Acromutants are Dustin Del Rio and Ashley Dance. They are both trained and certified through the LIFT School of Acrobatics. They are also personal trainers and acrobatics instructors in Nashville, Tennessee and each have a background in athletics. Dustin’s sports experience includes football, baseball and pole vaulting. He is a certified strength and conditioning coach and enjoys weightlifting along with his clients. Ashley was a gymnast growing up and then ran track in college. Calisthenics is now the main form of fitness for herself and her clients. They each found Acro independently and then began to practice together. Their respective backgrounds helped them improve quickly and form a solid partnership for both teaching and performing. Acro brings a playful practice to their life that they love to share! The Acromutants are available for performances, workshops, and private lessons.