acroyoga immersion Adelaide by Adagio Yoga

I attended a 4 day elemental immersion from 7 July 2017, hosted by AdagioYoga. Trainers were Stefanie Glasenapp (Sydney) and Matt Worley (Newcastle), assisted by Tanya Zappala (Brisbane) and Ronan Eaton (Adelaide/Melbourne).

‘Immersion’ style workshops are part of the school of acroyoga, which has a solar element which is the more acrobatic, balancing side of things, and a lunar element which includes acroyoga therapeutics and thai massage. Elemental immersions are the introductory workshops, and the days in the four day immersion were split between solar in the morning and lunar in the afternoon.

There’s a solar and lunar yoga flow that’s part of the day and helps prepare the body for the activity. I was keen to do MORE ACRO on the first day, but by day two I was grateful for the wind-down in the afternoons.

Surprisingly, most of the attendees hadn’t done much acroyoga, which worked well because we covered some fundamental moves that I do regularly at jams. I still got a lot out of it, however, including:

  • Getting tips on how to break some bad habits (tensing my shoulders during star).
  • My spotting improved dramatically, and I clarified the line between what I can and can’t spot which has given me a lot more confidence for jams.
  • Training for four days was a dream, as each day my basing improved even while battling fatigue in the later days. I’m under 5′ tall so I generally fly, so basing side star was a challenge I was happy to achieve during this workshop.
  • The solar and lunar asanas are such a fantastic way to warm up, and yet I’d never really heard of them. The last workshop I attended was a 2 day Acroyoga Montreal workshop and their style had more of a focus on acrobatic flows and dance-style expressions. Definitely fun but totally different.

A lot of the people I play with in the park want to learn acrobatic moves as quickly as possible, and an elemental immersion might disappoint on that front. I was keen to polish and learn some fundamental techniques, and also have an excuse to do acro for four days straight, so it suited me very well.

Thinking of attending one of these things? also run lunar immersions, which are all the therapeutics and thai massage aspect of things, and solar immersions which is more acrobatic. There are far more elemental events than the other two kinds, and solars around Australia seem to be rare. You can check for their listings, but they tend to go up only a few weeks out from the events, so keep an eye on Facebook and we’ll try to keep our listings on this site up to date.

How fit should I be?

Although the elemental is the introductory workshop, it’s still four days of continual exercise, so it’s helpful to be strong and flexible to get the most out of it. Attendees at this immersion came from yoga, pole dancing, pilates and thai massage backgrounds. Some attendees weren’t very fit, however, and they still came away with a lot.