Checked out this new, free app to see how it will work for the Australian community. The app is called ‘myacroyoga – find play partners’.

The core need this seeks to fulfils is an in-real-time matchup for play partners. It also offers the feature of rating yogis and eventually it hopes to operate as a chat and communication channel for nearby yogis. Apple and Android versions of the app are available, and there’s a basic central website here.

My initial thoughts on this are that these needs are already served quite well by Facebook community groups. Jams are organised at the last minute and connections are made for play partners. Facebook also has a much lower barrier to entry for new acro people to get involved in the community.

But I gave it a go anyway: The app is American, so the first hurdle I had was trying to set up my profile and figuring out my weight in pounds. The zip code search will also put me somewhere in the US (unsurprisingly). You can use geo-locate to see who’s around you, however, and a quick zoom out to all of Australia let me know that there are only two others using the app so far. I’m not really surprised however, because the app is buggy as hell so far. I can’t select a profile picture, I can’t figure out how to change my star rating (if I can) and I’m generally pretty grumpy at this process so far. Aussies maybe try again in 6 months when some of the bugs are worked out.