This week we speak with Angela Kennedy, a member of the Adelaide acrojam community and one of the organisers of the Adelaide exchange. An ‘exchange’ is a free jam event that runs across the East coast of Australia. This will be the fifth such event – they run about once every three months, rotating between cities.

AF: So the Adelaide exchange is THIS WEEKEND – can you describe what the exchange is?

AK: The Exchange is an opportunity for acrobats from around Australia to meet and connect… members of the host community open their doors and host visiting acrobats. There are 4 main cities involved – Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

AF: How did the exchanges start?

AK: The Exchange was born from the Adelaide Jam community. It was the dream of one of the organisers to bring everyone together. The original exchanges had a lot of work put into them to get them going. There is at least one member from each city community involved in the discussions around exchange, e.g. when and where the next exchange will be.

AF: So I know your organising position is entirely voluntarily. How much work goes into organising something like this, and why do you do it?

AK: We have two main ‘organisers’ – myself and Alicia (Alicia Holloway is another member of the acrojam community in Adelaide, pictured with Angela above) – and lots of help from members of the community – a special mention to Tyran (Mowbray) who has organised a Fringe event for this weekend. (a get-together for acrojammers to collectively attend an event at the Adelaide Fringe festival, also on right now.) And we do it for the joy of bringing together like-minded people from around Australia! 😛

AF: Can anyone come to an exchange?

Anyone can come – similar to jams, beginners are welcome but there is no specific instruction. (There are no teacher-lead classes at a jam or at the exchange, so it would help to have some background in acroyoga or acrobatics, or you can approach the friendly crowd and ask for a quick introduction – Ed)

AF: What’s your background with movement before you found acroyoga?

AK: I’ve been training circus acrobatics since 2008 and I’ve dabbled in aerial silks and lyra and some pole dancing. After a bad wrist injury a few years ago I found acroyoga as a way to easy myself back into training and strengthen my wrist and other muscles with yoga and acro mixed together.

AF: What do you love about acro?

AK: It’s what keeps me going through life, the friends and connections I have made with people around Australia (through the exchanges) and around the world through personal training are irreplaceable.

If you’re in Adelaide next weekend, check out the Adelaide exchange at Henley Beach, the Botanic Gardens or Veale Gardens from 24-26 February 2016. Visit the Facebook page for more.